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Rome wasn’t built in a day, and we couldn’t agree more. For a typical renovation project or a new construction, we ensure that all pieces of the puzzle are in place. The pieces, well, consist of the most-talented artisans and designers that pour in from across the country.
With multiple contracting teams and professionals at every level, CMA Turnkey ensures precise craftsmanship, timely delivery, and unhindered transparency into the cost and the progress of a project, from planning to execution.
With the right sets of hands to give shape to your project, and the brilliance of the project managers that shine through with their tremendous efforts into supervising, we guarantee that the end result will either be at par or exceed your requirements.
But, that’s not where turnkey ends. We understand that the sands of time flow as soon as we take up execution and planning, which is why we ensure that we deliver what we promise before time runs out. Not only that, you get complete visibility into what’s happening — in terms of project management, completion, cost, and more — at all times so that you get your money’s worth.